IPA Webinar: Contributing to the Scientific Development of Psychoanalysis, the Working Parties

Sunday 25th August 2019, 16:00 – 17:30 BST (local times are displayed on the registration page in the dropdown).

Working parties stimulate professional development and promote inter and intraregional integration. They have proven to be useful tools for reflecting on clinical work, developing psychoanalytic listening, and understanding concepts and analytic training.
In this webinar, four members of the IPA’s Working Parties Committee will discuss how working groups are contributing to the scientific development of psychoanalysis. Ruggero Levy will provide an overview of the Working Parties Committee, its structure and activities, and how the committee helps to achieve the IPA’s strategic objectives. Bernard Reith will outline his experiences with working parties and explain the common principle behind all working party methods. Marie Rudden will discuss how comparative clinical methods groups help groups of analysts to speak together and learn from each other through a structured methodology that aims to capture the work of experienced analysts from a variety of theoretical backgrounds. Finally, Agustina Fernandez will speak about the history of FEPAL working parties, the current state of working parties in Latin America, and about the symposiums that are organised by the Working Party Committee at FEPAL Congresses.
Register for your free place below; if you are unable to attend the live session but would like to receive a recording, please continue to register and a recording will automatically be emailed to you once the live session has ended. Please note, this webinar will be delivered in English.

For further details about the IPA’s full webinar programme, or to watch recordings of all our past webinars, please click here.
Silvia Wajnbuch

Webinar Coordinator
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Eléana Mylona 
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Romolo Petrini 
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